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WEIGHING at only 6 pound 14, our little bundle of joy finally arrived… my baby Nephew!

With a cute button nose, teeny tiny hands and feet, a head full of dark fluffy hair, and a chubby little pair of cheeks, his perfection shined through, instantly.

Afraid at first to hold him tight in my arms, because he was so small and looked ever so fragile, in the end I just couldn’t resist. Gently placed in my arms, I gasped in sheer awe and disbelief… I am an Auntie to this beauty, I thought.

I am so excited to watch him grow, and to see his many milestones ahead.

So far, I’ve already had the privilege of watching him take his first bath, be pushed in a trolley on his first ever shopping spree, and witness him being loved by every single soul around him, (especially his mummy).


October 2017 πŸ™‚Β