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HEARTS AND SOULS around the world were warmed by his touch, warmed by his smile, and warmed by his fight throughout. Yesterday, we silenced in memory of an incredible little boy, a boy we will never forget, and a boy who stole the hearts of our nation – Bradley Lowery! #theresonlyonebradleylowery

On the 14th July ’17, the North East came together to mourn the loss of a little treasure. The community was swimming in football tops, including my work place, to signify our support. My heart melted on route to work, as cars raced through rush hour and with those in site, I saw bright coloured stripes shining through – whether that be Sunderland strips or Newcastle ones, we all became united.

At 11.15AM, the garage in which I work, instantly fell silent. The sound of music was paused, voices of sales guys whispered, and the revving of engines came to a sudden halt… Communally we shared one minute silence.

Yesterday, and still today, my heart pours of to the family and friends of Bradley, as he now holds a place within my memory.

I hope you rest in peace little one, sleep tight! You will forever be in our hearts! ❀