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SO far, this year has had quite a lot of downfalls for myself, bar a few moments/occasions, which have taken me by surprise, and let’s face it, we’ve just passed the half way mark of 2017.

The main reason for my downfall appears to be because of one thing, and one thing only… Money! Lately, I am finding myself in a bit of a difficult situation, a one I don’t think I have ever experienced before. I just seem to be struggling, more than ever before, but why, I’m thinking! I mean I work full time, with an income some people dream of. Maybe, it is because I am still settling in to my new job, my dream job, and like everyone else, I guess, a new job can cause a bit of a rocky patch at first, money wise. Afterall, you find yourself receiving a final pay from your previous job (which is usually less than your usual amount), and then you may have to work a month in hand, before getting a pay from your new job – it’s all very stressful.

Although I seem to be moaning, I really am trying to find ways to get through this patch, I am trying to find ways to feel happier, and a lot more positive. I guess I am also trying to find ways to turn this year around too, for the better. Now, don’t get me wrong, this year some amazing things have happened, one being the news that I am going to be an Auntie for the first time ever… how exciting!!

I guess I just need to climb in to that mindset where I plan ahead, for now, and start making more and more exciting plans for the remainder of the year… After all, it has just been my birthday, too, and that was amazing. Also, summer is finally upon us, (I think, anyway… up in the North East, we haven’t had much luck with the weather recently, he he), the perfect time to get out and about. Hopefully with this positive frame of mind, all of these feelings of worry and anxiety, I guess, will soon disappear, (fingers crossed).

Now, normally I am not really a one to share my worries, especially with people aside from my parents, but this time, I feel with this… Sharing is a problem solved. I strongly believe and feel when a problem is shared, especially for me as an individual, a whole weight suddenly becomes lifted off my shoulders.

I guess, right now, the struggle of individuality is just smacking me in the face, ha! The reality of adult-hood finally appears to be setting in, at the age of 24 – the running of a flat, and a car, the management of money, and bills, also.

Now, as a blogger, I imagine there will be lots of people out there, just like me, but I am not ashamed, and you shouldn’t be too. After all, we’re only human, and as we know humans go through a whole heap of emotions, stresses and concerns. I guess it is all just part of our daily lives, to help us grow and develop more as an individual.

With that in mind, and that off my chest, I am now going to turn 2017 around on its head and make it as memorable as ever, with the happiness of fantastic memories flooding in…