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AWOKEN at 6:30am, thunder rumbled in the distance, gradually crashing closer and closer, and rain poured against the window, viciously – what a perfect day to spend my in bed, right!? Wrong! I had to pull myself from the comfort of my sheets, as I had a very busy day ahead!

Fully awake, excitement began to spark through my whole body… Today is the day my Sister has her first baby scan – how exciting!

At around half 9, in the morning, my phone began to ring… ‘Kirsty calling’ – eeeek!!

Mega excited and extremely happy, she broke the news that I am going to be an Auntie to a gorgeous baby boy! Excitement rushed through my body.

I think it’s fair to say, I can’t wait to welcome the little man in to our world, and spoil him rotten.

Let the baby shopping commence, he he! I am going to shower him in lots of teeny clothes, fun-filled toys, and stacks of treats.


A box of treats made up especially for my Sister, and her partner – CONGRATULATIONS to you both!