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WHAT a lush day it is, here in the North East, today. It’s currently 25 degrees, by far the warmest day we’ve had so far, this year. My summer clothes have finally made an appearance too, which is a bonus, as they eventually came creeping out of my wardrobe this morning.

Myself and my two faves are currently on route to visit my best friend in Carlisle. We’re expecting a few casual drinks, and a lush BBQ in the sun… what more could you want, on a day like this!?

The roads are nice and quiet, and we’re currently 51 minutes away from arriving at our destination. Crossing the river, a forestry view surrounds us, it’s beautiful.

I’m feeling super excited to see my best friend, for the first time since her dream trip to Florida. A much needed catch up is well needed.

Enjoy your weekend guys, and I hope it’s just as sunny where yous are! 🙂 x