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SCROLLING through Facebook at approximately 10.30pm last night, I came across a post which started with: ‘Not again’. Immediately, my first instinct was to switch on the news. Backing out of my Sky planner, there was a headline breaking on BBC One – “Terror Attack”. My heart sank with heartbreak, sadness and fear. What is this… Like the third attack which has hit the UK, this year alone? I sat watching my TV in utter shock and disbelief… When is this going to end, I thought!?

My heart poured out to every single soul involved, as terror leaked again.

Staring aimlessly at my TV, I watched the ‘developing’ headline going around in circles, as information was slowly flooding in, with reporters alone trying to gather a bigger picture on what exactly had happened, in London that evening. The events unfolding were not 100%, but facts were gradually gathering as witness’ began to step forward.

After a while, I carried myself to bed and fell asleep investigating social media.

“The warmth of the summer evening shattered by the sound of sirens,” (BBC News), was the speech I woke up to the following morning.

Why is this repeatedly happening, not just to our country, but across the world too? Why are innocent lives being put in danger and lost? What are we doing wrong? How can we change this? Questions are, right now, flooding my mind, as fear rages from inside of me.

Only a short while after the attacks in Manchester, ‘terror rippled through London’ and once again the fear in our country has expanded.

Callous acts, evil people… They are causing this heartache in today’s society. But I guess one thing we need to try and take away from this, or in fact learn from this, is that we, as a country, can not live in fear… Or they will win! We need to stand together as one strong unity, and fight this, together. After all, we are called GREAT Britain for a reason.

This Sunday afternoon, my thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected! #wewillgetthroughthis

And, just before I go, let’s not forget the remarkable work delivered by our emergency services. Whilst people are running away from the carnage, our emergency services are running straight towards the terror, as they risk their lives to save ours. Now that, as individuals, is truly rewarding, strong, brave, and unforgettable.

Stay strong UK! ❤