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SO HERE I am, one week down in my new job, and the good news is, I absolutely love it, and I’m thrilled to finally be able to say that. I’m also thrilled that I can finally enjoy my days off work without worrying about the next day, and I’m buzzing at the thought of waking up on a morning and not dreading the thought of going in.

From day one I was thrown straight in the deep end, they flung lots of work my way and I was mega busy within my first hour of being there. Although it was challenging, it was also fab. Don’t you think you actually learn a lot quicker if you’re put face to face with the tasks straight away?

Now aside from the work, in itself, I’m now part of a Marketing team, made up of four fellow females (one being the Marketing Manager herself), and also two male photographers – they certainly are a lovely bunch and I’m absolutely over the moon to have been given a fantastic opportunity alike this. I’m also super happy that I’m finally putting my degree to use, something I worked very hard to achieve, for three years.

Fingers crossed all stays well and let’s hope the team actually like me (he he).