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“YOU have been evicted, please leave Fusion House”. At that moment, a wave of emotions came flooding over me… sadness, happiness and worry. That day, I was saying goodbye to my Fusion family, a family I had spent the last two years with – it was so surreal. After awaiting almost a year for the day to arrive, that moment didn’t feel real, I felt like I was living in a dream.

After being offered a new job just over two weeks ago, I jumped at the opportunity with sheer joy and excitement.

Showered with gifts, hugs and well wishes, on my last day, I suddenly felt emotional at the thought of the people I was leaving behind.


A collection of leaving gifts, from my lovely team, at Fusion

But deep down, I knew I was doing this for myself, I knew I had to do it.

The celebration started in a cocktail bar, just opposite Fusion, (goes by the name of Liberty Brown’s). With a vodka and coke in hand, me and my team laughed about the memories we’d shared with each other. The thought of me constantly blushing, (for no particular reason, I must admit, ha), and the thought of my laugh filling the floor when someone ‘tickled’ me with their jokes or stories – they were just a couple of reminders of how my team would miss me.

Going for a new job felt like the easiest and most sensible decision at the time, but reality soon kicks in when it comes to saying goodbye.

Right now, I am just hoping and praying that my new job brings me mountains of happiness, and also offers me opportunities for growth and progression, for the future… that’s really all I’ve ever wanted in a job! So fingers crossed all goes well, ey!?