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FOR the past few months, I have held one wish. One wish that equals getting a new job, and being surrounded by a niche environment in which I feel happy. I need out. In all honesty, my current job has worn me out – I’m constantly drained and my mood is forever low, (unfortunately, that’s the harsh reality of it all). And obviously that’s not healthy, on so many levels. After all, pretty much 80% of your life involves working and being surrounded by colleagues as opposed to your family. Now, don’t get me wrong, at my current workplace the people are great, but the job in itself… let’s just say is definitely not for me.

For a while now I have been browsing through the tales of Reed and Indeed – I have been on a journey to find happiness and freedom again. At first the road ahead felt extremely long and challenging, with not one bit of brightness in sight.

But, without a shadow of a doubt, I am definitely not the type of person to give up… I fight until I get where I want to be. I will keep applying and pushing myself until something comes up.

And in the end, I’m finally happy to announce that all of that hard work and dedication has paid off.

In just under one week’s time, I will be walking out of Fusion Contact Centre for the very last time, as I have finally got myself a new job… WOO!


Ready set go: All prepared for an interview

I am absolutely over the moon, thrilled with excitement! The reality that I am leaving has not yet sunk in, and I don’t think it actually will until the day.

Although my new job is going to be slightly less pay, which in all honesty, is causing me quite a lot of worry right now, I am just so so happy! At the end of the day, I have been dying to get out of Fusion – I just need something different, I am craving a new challenge.

Although I am going to miss the people massively, especially my team, I just need to do this for myself.

So, now the news is out there, it’s finally time to celebrate. After all, it is bank holiday.

Have a great weekend guys!