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AS “SAD” as this may sound, but haven’t you ever wondered how a bridge is built? From a young girl, I have. I remember when I was younger, my mind used to run wild… “Do you need some sort of magic power to be able to walk on water?” – Silly, I know, ha! But now, on route to work I am seeing the development of our ‘New Wear Crossing‘ getting built, and believe me, it’s astonishing to see. From the laying of the surface, to the rise of the pylon, I am seeing it all!

Working around the clock, builders are putting 110% in to the creation of this North East landmark. Upon the sun rising, to it setting, I am constantly imagining what it’ll be like when it’s eventually finished… but we’ve got a while to go yet.

According to research, I discovered this crossing will be Sunderland‘s first new bridge to travel across the River Wear for 45 years. That is according to www.sunderland.gov.uk. How amazing is that!?

I am currently watching history happen, but not only that, I am also experiencing for the first time ever how a bridge is actually built.

I wonder which famous face gets to be at the centre of the grand opening… Will it be the Queen herself?

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