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YESTERDAY an unexpected turn of events took place, which devastated our nation. Terror tore through the city of London, but the ‘baddies’ will not defeat us. Together we will unite, stay strong and beat this.

For the past 24 hours or so, I have watched the news unfold, trying to piece together this tragic puzzle… WHY!? Why has this happened?

What a cruel world we live in.

Goosebumps poured out of my soul earlier this evening, when I saw landmarks across the world supporting us – lighting the UK flag, the world stands in solidarity.


Standing proud, the UK flag floods the world

My heart goes out to every single sole involved – it is utterly heartbreaking, but in the words of Piers Morgan… “They’ll never win!”


Dominating social media, this prestige logo was plastered everywhere, to show we will unite 100 times more throughout these difficult times