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THIS year, I missed out on my Dad’s homemade pancakes, and I ended up eating something completely random… I was gutted! I love pancake Tuesday, and have done ever since I was a little girl. I love the challenge of flipping a pancake up and down (but nevertheless, I was always a failure at this, and probably still am to this day). It always comes splatting back down to Earth… Very different to my Dad and Grandad’s attempts, ha – they are like pro’s at this flipping malarkey.

Anyhow, pancake day came around, and there were no pancakes in sight… Gutted!

Who doesn’t have pancakes ready on pancake day!?

When I broke the news to my partner, he tried to make me buy ready made ones from ASDA. I instantly thought, ‘Where is the fun in that!?’ The best ones turn out when you make them from scratch – deliciously homemade.

Doing without on the day, I’d let my childhood go.

Until a few weeks later, browsing the net, I Googled what ingredients are needed… Egg, flour, milk and oil… I had it all.

Awaiting my partner to finish work I was dying to tell him… ‘Tonight, we are making pancakes’, (basically, whether you like it or not šŸ˜‰ he he)!

Up for it, we started to cook…

Pancake number 1 turned out to be a disaster. Leaving the bottom half to cook for a little too long, it burnt – completely black and smokey, it was. After that one, the flat was left stinking!

So, windows open, it was time for round two, which if you don’t mind me saying, was perfect!

Four pancakes later, I was feeling sick, ha… I’d ate way too much, but it was well worth it!


Ingredients at the ready, let the cooking commence…


Mix it, mix it, mix it


Finitoooo… These homemade pancakes were absolutely delicious, and I decided to top mine with Nutella… YUM!