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QUITE a few of my blogs have been predominantly based on work experience provided by Southside Broadcasting and Siren FM, but none have yet allowed me to thank the main man in charge for believing in me, from day one – MR ALEX LEWCZUK. So, on this blog, I would like to turn it around a little, and show a new twist, on life in the radio industry.

Way back in 2012, initially when scientists thought the world was going to end, (but obviously didn’t, ha), I searched high and low for work experience in the media sector, to help build on my degree. The North East wasn’t bringing me much luck – until of course, I got in touch with Alex.

All thanks to a friend’s Facebook page, I finally discovered Southside (a community radio station), and I was so relieved.


Prior to this discovery, my search continued for months – a period at the time which seemed daunting and never ending. Eager to explore the media outlet, I became desperate – desperate to find something. Months of research, web searches, emails, etc… my search was becoming frustrating! But finally, a neb on Facebook, during the summer, led me to this…

Immediately, I decided to send a pleading email to Southside’s manager, begging for a spot on air. After a few days wait, I received a response, and I was offered a place… WOO! I guess what they say is true… ‘Things come to those who wait’. Positive emotions beamed through every part of my body, as excitement poured through my system.

I couldn’t wait to get started…

Working alongside a kind, generous, helpful and inspirational man, I was forever grateful for the opportunity given to me.

Since I began work experience with Southside Broadcasting I have co-presented on both live and pre-recorded shows, took part in ‘Book of the Month’ & ‘Fly me to the Moon’ editions, been given opportunities to participate in shows with their sister station based in Lincoln – Siren FM, (even got the chance to attend Lincoln, and explore the historic city), got the chance to meet a whole heap of individuals, from across the world and this is all thanks to Alex himself! Without him I wouldn’t have gained these memorable experiences.

Southside Broadcasting has taught me a lot about the radio industry, and continues to do so, to this day. It is an extremely enjoyable opportunity which is not just about presenting on air, but it is also about meeting new people, from various backgrounds.

Overall, my experience with Southside Broadcasting continues to be a truly unforgettable journey – it has offered and taught me so much about the world of radio! Throughout, Alex has guided and supported me, and offered me amazing opportunities, that I thought I would never live to see. The memories gained on air, will forever stay with me.