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RECENTLY, I became a “rebel”, as my Mum called me, when I decided to get my nose pierced, for the first time ever.

I think it’s fair to say, my Mum and Dad were not keen, ha.


But for many weeks now, I have been dying to get it done. With a few friends in work already having it done, I personally think it looks lush.

Sitting in the chair, at Claire’s Accessories, awaiting on the assistant to get prepared, I was so scared. To say the least, my heart was pounding and my arm pits were sweating. To top it off, Yargs just wasn’t helping the situation one incy bit. “Oh my god, I can’t look”, he said. “Oh it’s gonna hurt so much”, he said. Not very reassuring, is it!? Ha.

It was time… The stud shot through my nose, like a punch to the face. My eyes were streaming! (Not with tears, by the way, just the force of the piercing made them water, a lot).

For the first few days, my nose was sore and stiff, but it’s finally starting to ease off a little now. But, I think it’s fair to say, blowing my nose will never feel the same again – it’s not so easy nowadays, ha.

On the plus side though, I absolutely love it and I’m so glad I finally had the guts to do it.

Next, I plan on getting the top of my ear pierced… for the second time, and I can’t wait!


I am a massive fan of my new piercing, to my nose


I took a ‘punch’ to the nose, when this ‘devil’ was pierced inside of it.