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ON A Sunday afternoon, my mind always decides to do overtime, whilst chilling, thinking about the world, so here goes… FACED with the same challenges on a daily basis, both my mind and body are craving something new. Lately I have been feeling drained, as I am surrounded by boredom. Coming face to face with the same activities, on a day to day basis, I am praying for something exciting to come along.

Golly, that didn’t sound very pleasant and uplifting of me, did it!? Ha, ha.

But no hey, in all seriousness, do you ever feel like you just need a change? Something new, something fun, something different…

Right now, I am at that stage in life.

An old tale states, ‘money can’t buy you happiness’, but I have to admit, I do disagree on certain levels.

Having money means you can do anything you wish, whenever you want, and nowadays absolutely everything consists of having money, don’t you think!?

On the other hand, what’s money if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing?

Two years come April, I will have been working my a** off in an extremely busy contact centre, but right now, I am ready to face something new.

Fingers crossed, this is the year for me, where a new opportunity comes along… PLEASE!