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AS A child growing up, I had the ultimate pleasure of discovering the real beauty of our English countryside. In some ways people take these breath-taking views for granted, but not myself.

Growing from a teeny tot, to a tantrum toddler, to a young girl, to a ‘study-addict’ teenager, and then to a pleasant young woman… I have had the sheer pleasure of visiting the countryside on several occasions, and have made some amazing memories with loved ones, over the years.

Camping trips when I was younger were how we celebrated a short break away – I used to love going to Ripon.

For a few years now, my parents have had the privilege of owning their own holiday home, situated just outside of Durham, and the views surrounding this place are absolutely breath-taking.

The countryside never brings a dull moment for me. It is full of enchanting moments, as tranquil waters flow softly around me. Surrounded by the sweet sounds, my mind explodes and the worrying thoughts of reality, soon become a distant memory.

Never will I become bored of what the countryside has to offer – after all, it made me the character I am today.

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