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THAT morning, on Good Morning Britain, they were talking about various ‘bugs’ floating around the UK – targeting any person, of any age. They varied from sickness bugs, to cold and flu. I prayed that it didn’t hit me, because when I have to call in sick at work, it makes me feel so guilty. Not only that, but obviously no one likes to feel unwell!

How wrong could I be!?

Along with hundreds of others, the bug hit me… the sickness one too, eurgh! Sitting in work from 9am, my head was exploding with pain. I was straining my eyes whilst trying to concentrate on the computer screen. At first, I questioned whether I may need glasses, so I was provided with an eye test voucher. As the day grew on, the pain got worse and weakness began to spread through my body.

Arriving home that night, I’ve never felt so relived. Crashing down on the sofa like a tonne of bricks, I felt incredibly sleepy.

From that moment… I was ill.

Two days off work to try and recover made me feel so so bad, on the company I work for. But I guess health has to come before money, right!?

Stuck on the sofa for 48 hours, I wrapped myself in my fleecy blanket and stuffed about 4 pillows under my head, to reach the stage of comfort. I watched endless movies and caught up on some much needed programmes.

Just bare in mind, unluckily enough, if this bug reaches you, just remember to have plenty of rest & drink plenty of fluids (preferably water). The badness just has to leave you in its own time.