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TODAY’S weather forecast expects cold and misty air to spread across the UK, with several fog patches occurring too. Joined in the studio with the delightful Alex Lewczuk that morning were two Lincoln University students, from ‘sunny’ Brighton.

On Thursday 26th January, I took part in my first radio phone in of the year, with Siren FM… I was so excited! Advertising on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, I proudly informed all of my friends about my connection – “stay tuned from 9am”.

Prior to any phone in with Siren, including this one, I always try to pan out in my mind what I am going to talk about, and how I’m going to say it. The ideas plan out perfectly in my mind, until obviously, the phone begins to ring.

I don’t know why, cause I’ve been on air so many times, but my nerves still always seem to get the better of me and I project this ‘stupid, nervous’ laugh, ha!

But anyway, moving on… as always my 10 minute slot was as jam packed as ever. From football, to work, to blogging… we chatted away. Plus, I got to advertise my blog which was a bonus.

Another topic of conversation that morning was the discussion of the term ‘duck’. Okay, that sounds a little bizarre, doesn’t it!?

But no, seriously, if you’ve ever been up North before, or even the privilege of living here, you’re going to totally understand where I’m coming from. Have you ever heard this particular word used as a ‘pet name?’ Funniest association ever, and it always seems to get used by the older generation. Fellow co-presenters from Brighton didn’t have a clue what’d hit them, ha. (It made me chuckle though).

So all in all it was an absolute pleasure to connect with Siren again, so until next time… that’s a wrap!


Advertising on social media my debut with Siren FM