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FLICKING through Sky movies I was so indecisive about what film to go for. Clicking through genre, after genre, I finally came to ‘action’. Now this is not the type of movie I’d usually go for, as my typical movie would be a lush ‘romantic’ one. But, I guess I could argue that my chosen movie does show a little hint of romance anyway. If not romance, it definitely shows a lot of love and affection. The movie I decided to go for was – ‘World Trade Centre‘. For the last few days, I have been feeling a little emotional, so what was I letting myself in for!?

Dawn had not yet arose and the police officer was woken. His digital alarm read 3:29.

Heading out for what appeared to be just another normal day at work, the sun began to peep up in the distance, and the city began to awaken.

Opening the door of every bedroom in his house, just before he left for his shift, the officer watched his family sleep so peacefully.

September 11th, 2001… a day that will live on in history… a day of remembrance…

“As always, protect yourselves and watch each other’s back” – These were the words spoken out by the officer in charge, on that fatal day, to his fellow colleagues.

Dust, paper work, smoke, falling bricks & several other forms of debris filled the air and streets of NYC, that day.

Screams, shouts, the sound of sirens, and many more unpleasant sounds filled the air and streets of NYC, that day.

What an absolutely heartbreaking and devastating day!

Without question, I was left in sheer floods of tears by the end of the movie.

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Image taken from Google Images: The action filled movie, ‘World Trade Centre’, based on true events