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CAN you believe Christmas is just over a week away!? With only 9 days to go… I am getting right in the mood. 

Currently in the midst of wrapping my parents gifts, The Grinch is playing softly in the background. I love this movie, and have done ever since I was a youngster. Not forgetting the fact I have my Christmas tree lights on too… twinkling away in the distance. There is nothing better than this warm, cosy feel on a cloudy, miserable day. 


Our sparkling Christmas tree

Luckily enough for me, this year I have managed to get Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day off work, so I am over the moon. In fact these were given to me as actual rotad days off, so I couldn’t be happier. 

So here’s my plan of action for Christmas, so far… 


What better way to spend this day than to exchange Christmas gifts with family and friends. Once Santa’s deliveries are complete, I’ll then spend my night chilling in my new pyjama’s, tucking in to a lush Chinese takeaway, whilst watching a cheerful Christmas movie. 


Me and Yargs are going to head over to my parents for the day, with family, to enjoy the delicious taste of my Dad’s homemade Christmas lunch. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water. Then on the evening, I think the plan is to head to my Auntie’s for a tea party, whilst playing games with the kids. 


As of yet I don’t have any set plans for Boxing Day. However, I would love to go on a massive shopping spree and hit the high street sales. Just a shame my pay has to last me just over 5 weeks, ha ha… So I definitely can’t go out and blow it all in the first week.

As most of you will have already gathered, I am extremely excited for Christmas this year. It is by far my most favourite time of year!

So all that’s left for me to say is… Merry Christmas guys! Have an amazing time! x