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SITTING in work, awaiting on my next call, one of the guys cropped a peculiar question to my team: “If you could go back to any day in history, where would you go?”

My mind ticked away… What a tricky question I thought.

One guy responded with: ‘I’d like to go back to the days when Jesus was around’.

Another surprisingly said: ‘I would go back to either World War 1 or 2 so that I could stand alongside all of the other hero’s and fight for my country’. I was left slightly shocked at the bravery beneath him.

On the spot, I couldn’t think of an answer… It was such a hard question and even still, I find it difficult to choose an answer.

But let’s give it a go…

Although, it’s not necessarily ‘history’, I do like the idea of maybe having a ‘super power’ (you could say)… And I’d go right back to the good ol’ days when my parents were growing up… How cool would that be!? I always imagine what their lifestyle was like growing up.

My parents have often told me stories of them growing up. Some so hard to believe, that I’d love to be able to see the reality of it for myself.

Obviously, reality shows that I wasn’t around at the time, (and ‘obviously’ has definitely been exaggerated in that tense), ha ha… But honestly, how great would it be going back in time to the 1950’s or 60’s. I’d be intrigued to see the style of people back in the day too (how they dressed on a day to day basis).

Believe it or not… My Mum actually used to have a tin bath, tucked away in the bottom of her garden, in a small hut. Whether a freezing cold morning or evening, my Mum would sprint to the tin, jump in, and wash so quickly, before jumping out and diving in to a thin stripped blanket bed. Remember, central heating didn’t exist in those days.

Then as for my Dad, he actually married prior to meeting my Mum, and had three children. But don’t panic, him and my Mum have now been married for a solid 27 years!

So come on, if you could go back to any day, any day at all… Whether it’s history or not… Where would your foot steps take you?