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HAVE YOU ever had the privilege of visiting the Lake District? If so, you’ll totally understand my love for the place.

Surrounded by the soft sound of rippling waves and geese fleeing, my heart sank at the beauty neighbouring me. I gasped in awe as the views around me stole my breath away.

Alarm bells rang bright and early as we wanted to make the most of our day together.

A pit stop at McDonald’s to begin, I filled my tummy with a Fillet O Fish before we hit the road. Music pumping and air con blasting (bare in mind, it was still summer at this point), we hit the A66 – ‘1 hour and 58 minutes until you arrive at your destination’. Whilst on route, we travelled through all sorts – sun, rain, wind… We were praying for those dull, fluffy clouds above to disappear (and in the end, they did just that).

We arrived at Keswick shortly after 1.30pm. As the sun beamed down, we headed straight down to the lake. ‘WOW’… How beautiful we thought. Like a picture from a postcard, my jaw dropped.


The oversized mountains in the background stood spectacular. The reminded me so much of Italy – I visited Lake Como a couple of years ago with my family, and there were several views just like that.

A selection of mountain tops were covered in low cloud – perched on top of them, the clouds lay comfortably.

Another proportion were topped with what looked like tiny black dots, but in fact were people… These individuals had hiked for miles to reach the top. It was unbelievable. From down below, it looked like they could touch the skies above.

The views were truly breath-taking.

To make the most of our time, we each paid £10 for a boat ride, to end our day. This took us on a circular ride around Derwent Water… And without a doubt it was well worth the tenner. We sat comfortably on a wooden bench about four rows from the front of the boat. Before the engine began to roar, the assistant made us aware that we may get a little wet by taking a seat outside… And she wasn’t wrong, ha! The water was choppy that day, sending the boat aggressively up and down. The views surrounding the boat ride were incredible, I just couldn’t get enough. I watched out in total awe for the full 50 minute journey. Now, on one side the sun beamed against the edge of the mountains, but then on the other, it looked like a storm was coming towards us… It was gradually getting darker and darker, until the heat of the sun eventually burnt that away.


On the edge of the lake, we spotted two gorgeous hotels (one which we were told has a spa)! In the near future me and Yargs are hoping to head back to the Lakes and may be stay over… I can’t wait!