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EXPLORING the web the other day, I came across an interesting post, from one of our fellow bloggers (‘The Daily Post‘), where they posted a collection of ‘narrow’ images. Now as the writer already explained, these images were not purposed as ‘narrow minded’, but they examined life through a narrow hole/a different light.

So, after discovering this blog, I decided to set myself a little challenge, by going out and searching for my very own ‘narrow’ images. Up to now, I have only got a few which have stood out to me… But step inside, to discover more…


First up, we have Queen Alexandra Bridge in Sunderland. Blocked out from the noise of the traffic, this lengthy path feels like forever. With a steel-made fence slightly too high, for me to discover the view, the world around me becomes distant. 


Next up, is this countryside stroll which leads directly in to my parents caravan park. Surrounded by beautiful greenery, on first glance, this path looks as though it could lead directly in to the wilderness. 


This one, although a rubbish image (ha, apologies), is my favourite. Each and every day, I face a challenge of walking down these stairs in order to face the outside world… ‘What is today going to bring?’ Who knows! Each time I open up that door, at the bottom, I know I am going to be faced with more day to day challenges, after all, every day is different, so who knows what is going to be flung at you!


Finally, we have a glance of the River Wear – a river which travels for miles. Sometimes full and rough, but other days shallow and calmness fill the air.