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OKAY so most of you, who follow me on Instagram, will know I turned 23 at the end of June, and what better way to spend it than indulging on a massive shopping spree, in Newcastle City Centre! Step inside to discover my latest wardrobe additions…


Opening my birthday gifts first thing, I discovered this amazing jacket, perfect for the summer! It was a special gift from Yargs. Originally spotted a few weeks prior to my birthday, with unfortunately, not enough money, I was over the moon, when I realised he had treat me to it!


Another lovely gift from Yargs… I can not wait to go on my next night out & dress this gorgeous, perfect-fit play suit, up with some high heels.


This plain white, buttoned shirt, is so thin and summery… perfect for this particular season. It was purchased for such a bargain, at Primark. Only downfall is, that it does get creased quite quickly.


For once, I decided to be brave, and go for something completely different to what I’m used to wearing. Growing up, my Mum used to love dressing me and my sister in these, and as soon as they hit our high streets again, I instantly fell in love with it, and suddenly realised it was a ‘MUST purchase!’


For weeks, I have been moaning constantly, saying “I am desperate for some new jeans!” So what better way to spend my money than treat myself, with not one, but a few different pairs. First up, is this ripped, ‘boy-ish’ style from Topshop. As soon as they caught my eye, I became immediately in love.


Second Topshop pair… Black is the perfect colour, which matches any colour, for any season!


Last but not least… I had to purchase something from my favourite store – New Look. A washed out black looking pair, which lie perfectly just above my shoes.