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BROWSING through the web, a few days back, I began to Google and explore something different, something random, but in fact something I’ve never actually looked in to before, and it was definitely interesting to see. According to a post from the Mail Online, (originally published in May 2013), a UK woman, on average, lives up to the age of 82, whereas, a UK man is slightly less at 79 years of age.

So far, I am up to approximately 8,421 days…

Now, I bet half of you are thinking… ‘Why would you want to know this?’

I must be honest here and say there is no real, deep reason as to why… But towards the beginning of July, Yargs was delivered some heartbreaking news from back home (back in Afghanistan) – one his childhood friends had sadly passed away, in a car accident. At such a young age, his life was suddenly snatched away from him, so unexpectedly. It’s heartbreaking for someone, no matter what their age, but when someone has their whole life ahead of them – children to have, a wedding day of their own to celebrate, succeeding life’s dreams and ambitions, it truly is devastating!

Melting my heart, Yargs wrote a lovely piece on social media: “I really can’t believe your not among us anymore. You were a really good friend, with a great sense of humour. I pray to Allah to have mercy on your soul. You will always be in our memories. REST IN PEACE BROTHER”.

From this day on wards, Yargs will have to cherish each and every single memory from the past and hold them closely to him.

Now, when events like this take place in life, it allows reality to quickly come crashing back down – you realise… life really is too short!

Right now, I am sitting upstairs at my computer desk, gazing out in to the open world… Today it is 23 degrees, in Sunderland (a warm summers day), and as the time passes by, people get on with their daily activities… It’s loud, it’s busy, there’s cars racing past one another, planes above are practising for the upcoming air show event, sirens blare every now and then (expected with living next to a hospital, though), and it feels strange… My mind is doing overtime, I am thinking about too much…