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It’s Friday afternoon, the sun is shining, it is 23 degrees and Sunderland City is in for a busy weekend…

As a born and bred North East girl, I thought I’d give you guys an insight in to what you could get up to this upcoming weekend (22nd – 24th July 2016)… Whether you’re originally from the North East yourself, or if you’re just visiting, there’s plenty to get up to!

1. Sunderland Air Show:

This weekend is one of the most exciting, and biggest weekends for the North East region – it is where people from across the country gather together, in order to enjoy the Sunderland International Airshow (a yearly event), and watch the skies above in awe, as jets, helicopters and planes take to the skies to do some fascinating tricks, stunts and displays – it is known as one of the best ‘displays in the world’. The Airshow takes place over the course of two days, so if you already have plans one day, choose the other. With plenty to do, for people of all ages, it is a fun-filled day out, and I always get extremely excited about it.

According to ITV News, this is the Airshow’s 28th anniversary… WOW!

I am heading over there this Sunday (of course, when the rain is expected, ha. But as we all are, I’m praying that stays away). Firstly we will grab a bite to eat, then we may sicken ourselves by going on some rides, no doubt we’ll also spend endless money too (trying to win a cuddly toy, ha)… All whilst watching the skies above.

2. Grab a bite to eat:

  • Sunderland town centre is home to an amazing Italian restaurant, under the name of Sorrentos. Traditionally styled, their waiters/waitresses serve with a sheer smile, and make you feel incredibly welcome. With a candle lit table, it is the perfect evening. With amazingly priced meals too, they’re all served at such a bargain.
  • But, if all of you are not a fan of Italian styled food, why not travel a little further afield, for something totally different, something that I am sure will please everyone… An all you can-eat buffet, which includes a range of different tastes… From English, to American, to Italian, to Chinese, to Indian… Za Za Bazaar in Newcastle really does have it all. You’re seated, and given around 90 minutes to enjoy unlimited food (any of your choice too).

3. Get fitter, whilst having fun:

If you love to go trampolining, then I have got the perfect place for you… Gravity Force. Filled with lots of trampolines, of all shapes and sizes, this will leave you literally ‘bouncing off the walls’. It is such a fun and exciting activity to be a part of.

4. Enjoy a nice, relaxing walk:

Summer in the UK never seems to last that long, especially here in Sunderland, so why not make the most of it? Cover yourself in sun cream, to protect your skin, and take a nice stroll up to Penshaw Monument. This is a well-known landmark, here in the North East, and as soon as I see that in the distant, I instantly know I am at ‘home’. The ancient mark was originally built in 1844, and still stands perfectly well, attracting hundreds of peoples attention.

5. Enjoy something a little cooler, for the summer: 

If you’re a one who struggles with the heat, and can’t stand being outside in it, then don’t panic at all… I have the perfect solution for you. Why not go swimming, at Sunderland Aquatic Centre. Filled with an Olympian style pool, you can enjoy a nice relaxing swim, at very cheap rates.


With this only showing a few different options, of how to enjoy your summer weekend, here in Sunderland, trust me there is plenty more to do, too…

Enjoy your weekend guys 🙂