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LATELY, I think I may be going a little crazy, when out and about shopping. I am spotting bits and pieces whilst browsing the high street, thinking ‘ah ‘such and such’ will like this’, and then actually going ahead and buying them.

Now I bet you’re now all thinking, well what for?

Well, I hate to break it to y’all, but I have actually started my Christmas shopping… I know, it’s insane – I know you’re all thinking it, right now.

But to be honest, I have known people in the past starting their Christmas shopping, as soon as the January sales hit our high street, at the beginning of a new year. Now, that is definitely what I call organised.

Now, 2016, so far, has absolutely flown by… Don’t you think? I feel like it was two minutes ago, since we welcomed in this new year… Crazy!

Since moving out of my parents home, last year, I have had to learn to juggle my pay (by working out my bills, putting money aside for bus and train fares, and grabbing food shopping, etc), which has caused a big strain on me, overall. Reason being is because, I like to treat myself, now and then, but nowadays, sometimes that can be hard.

So lately, I have decided to start saving, in my ‘smash it’ money box (for special occassions), and get organised, a lot earlier than normal.

I also thought, let’s try something different this year… Let’s start Christmas shopping early, so that I don’t get too stressed out closer to the time, worrying about the pennies. In the long run, I think I am going to benefit from this form of shopping… Especially, when it begins to reach October time.

And to be honest, I bet it doesn’t take that long to reach the end of this year.

How organised are you guys? Would you consider getting your Christmas shopping, this early in the year?