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AN empty studio dawned on me last Thursday morning, with only the sweet sound of Alex Lewczuk’s voice filling my ears. Another radio connection, with Siren FM, was about to take place.

Once again, I rose bright and early, so I awaited patiently for my phone to buzz.

8.29am struck, (just in time I thought)… *buzz, buzz, buzz*

Here we go…

For once, Alex was not joined by any co-presenters that morning (well, apart from myself, for a very short period, of course) – – he was flying solo, but that never seems to faze him. He just constantly fulfils a great show, full of plenty of ‘chit chat’.

Introducing myself to the show once again, as the North East Journalism Graduate, I began to feel pride.

We chatted about Sunderland surviving the league and Newcastle going down, HA! We then discussed life in Sunderland, work and also cities, (plus I got challenged a bit of geography, which obviously, I didn’t have a clue about) – that’s something I’m definitely rubbish at, ha!

It’s a great feeling waking bright and early, and getting involved in a radio phone in – it’s something that definitely brightens up my Thursday!