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WELL, here we are again guys, reviewing yet another month of 2016. I know I haven’t blogged for a little while, so it is certainly good to be back – you know how it gets at times, you find yourself all of a sudden being super busy! But here it goes… My memories of May 2016… Enjoy!

First up, I saw Yargs live his life-long dream, along with a very good friend of ours, Courtney. They jumped 10,000 ft. from a plane, as they both joyfully carried out a sky dive. From the moment I first ever met Yargs, he told me tales of how he’d grown up always wanting to live that dream. It felt absolutely amazing to see his dream finally become reality.

On the day of the sky dive, neither of them showed a tiny ounce of fear which was totally astonishing – they both just beamed with sheer excitement. I know if that was me, I’d have been sh*****g myself, ha! A sky dive is certainly something I could never imagine myself doing, as I am too much of a wimp. Although, I must admit when they both hit back to Earth, afterwards, I actually felt quite jealous… Crazy, I know.

Could you do a sky dive?

The team at Peterlee Sky Diving School were unbelievably supportive throughout the dive, it was so touching.

There were all walks of life there on the day of the activity – apparently people travel from across the country to take part. It was a truly amazing day and without a doubt, an unforgettable experience for Yargs. Plus his video turned out amazing.


Yargs just before he headed up in the plane

A couple of weeks ago, me and Yargs were sat at home rattling our brains, thinking ‘what the hell can we do?’ Eventually Yargs sparked an idea – lets get temporary cover on his mums car and ‘explore’ that weekend. I immediately agreed… “Let’s do this!”

Just over Β£80 in total spent on two day cover – WOO!

Firstly, we headed to Durham to do our favourite thing – a boat ride, (on the rowing boats). It is such a relaxing experience, as you suddenly find yourself just drifting along the river surrounded by nothing but the sweet sound of nature (birds tweeting and trees bustling), whilst the sun beams down and hits your back, so warmly.


Enjoying a boat ride, in Durham, on a lovely, warm, sunny day

Most of the time Yargs does a lot of the rowing, which makes it that bit more relaxing for me, he he!

After a nice boat stop, we then headed to my parents caravan for the afternoon. It began to get warmer as the day went on, which was lush – there is nothing better than enjoying a day off work, in the sun.

We were greeted by my Dad and Sister, which was lovely. We headed to the Moors for a nice afternoon drive, we then went to Tunstall Reservoir (and enjoyed some white chocolate chip cookies, mmm), and then we finalised the day by heading home to freshen up and grab an overnight bag to enjoy a night at the caravan with my family.

On the evening we all huddled together and watched Britain’s Got Talent auditions, which I always find so funny! There are always so many crazy acts. We also topped ourselves up with alcoholic beverages, ranging from whiskey to vodka, to wine… And then we ended the night with a collection of arm wrestling battles, which was hilarious – I lost of course, HA!

This month I have got to make some unforgettable memories with my favourite person, me and Yargs have had so much fun. This month, we took a trip to NewcastleΒ on two separate occasions – one to enjoy cocktails, on Pitcher & Piano balcony, whilst watching the sun glisten over Newcastle river, and then the other was to eat mountains worth of food in Zazabazaar (all different flavours too, from across the world).

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