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“OH EM GEE, that was the best experience of my life!” That was Yargs reaction, after he had just fallen over 10, 000 ft., last Sunday.

For years Yargs has dreamt of one day doing a sky dive and this ambition eventually became reality after he spotted a great deal on Groupon, a one which he couldn’t resist.

The sun was shining and the temperature was relatively warm, especially for the North East anyway. It was the perfect weather for this activity.

After waiting around for a few hours, the clock struck 3pm and Yargs was called to the gate, along with our good friend, Courtney. My heart began to pound with both excitement and nerves for him, but he beamed with excitement. I gave him the biggest hug imaginable just before he left and said: ‘Enjoy every second’. After all, it’s a dream come true for him.

Watching the plane pull away and then eventually take off, I suddenly began to feel a bit emotional – don’t ask me why, ha! I followed the plane, as it drifted higher and higher, until it eventually disappeared behind the clouds. Oh my goodness, I turned to our friend Matt, “that’s so high”, I said. He turned, and agreed. Now I bet you’re all thinking, why didn’t I do it? Well, the truth is, I’m a bit of a wimp, and so scared of heights – I just couldn’t do it.

Shortly after, the first person appeared in the sky – they became visible as a small black dot, up above. A few others followed. Starting with around 40 seconds free fall, the parachutes then began to open up. I’m looking for a parachute with one yellow stripe to open up, whilst videoing – there’s Yargs! My heart began to melt. He was swooping through the pale blue skies, like a bird. The closer to land he got, he began to scream my name. I pointed the camera directly towards him and watched in awe as he crept back down to earth.

Once it was over, he lay, star fished out on the green grass. He couldn’t believe he’d jut done it – I was so excited for him.

He then got up and ran towards Courtney, who came down just a few seconds before him, and they congratulated each other with a huge warm hug.

Words cannot describe how happy I was for Yargs.

He could not get over it! He was absolutely buzzing, and still is. You can’t blame him like.

After hearing how amazing it was, I actually felt a bit jealous at the end, thinking I wish I had had the guts to do that – oh well, maybe next time, huh? HA!

When we arrived home, the images Yargs showed me were incredible, they were like an actual movie. We paid extra on the day for him to be photographed and videoed, which was a bonus. The views from the plane were so picturesque – you could see for miles. It was a truly unforgettable day for Yargs.

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