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FOR a good few months Yargs has been getting on my case a bit, but only in a good way, of course… “Kayleigh, drink some water!”


At first I thought he was just ‘nagging’ me for the sake of it, ha! But I soon came to realise that he is only trying to do what is best for me.

He began to show me scripts on Google and also videos on Youtube, which each show the benefits of water. It’s actually amazing, when you watch these videos, to see how good for you water actually is, and I bet most people alike myself don’t even realise it.

Before meeting Yargs, I was a huge lover for fizzy pop, especially full fat coke, which I know is extremely bad for you. So as soon as I met him, he tried to pull me away from ‘fatty’ pop and began to teach me the goodness of water. As hard as it was, I now tend to drink nothing but water and fresh juice. All right, I treat myself to a fizzy drink every now and then.

But believe me, ever since I’ve stopped consuming so much fizzy pop, my teeth feel so much stronger – the sugar must’ve been killing them before.

As a result, I have began to research the positives of drinking water, and research has taught me the following…


  • ‘Choosing healthier drinks is a key part of getting a balanced diet’.
  • ‘Water has no calories and contains no sugars that can damage teeth’.



  • ‘Drinking the correct amount of water, has been said to help the following…
  • Headaches – headaches can be caused due to dehydration, therefore, clean, safe water can help prevent these.
  • Keep skin clear and healthy.
  • Sustain healthy joints and muscles.
  • Loss of weight’.


These sites, along with many more, can certainly teach you numerous reasons, as to why water is so good for your body. Why not head online, and check the benefits out for yourself? 🙂