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SO today is the day… The day Yargs & Courtney go parachuting out of an aeroplane, the day they both, crazily, do a sky dive!

Yargs is currently beaming with excitement and can’t wait to live his life long dream. On the other hand, Courtney is feeling so many mixed emotions – she doesn’t know what to think, ha! Matt decided to surprise her for her 18th birthday (big surprise right)? Her birthday was only yesterday, and she had no idea that the next day she’d be waking to do something this mental.

Me and Matt, however, have decided to opt out of this activity, as we’re both s**t scared of heights – that wouldn’t go down to well ha!

I’m so nervous for both of them, but also happy for Yargs, as he’s dreamt of doing this for years.

Let’s hope all goes well, as the sun is shining, and it is supposedly going to meet 20 degrees later this afternoon… Woo!

Happy Sunday guys! 🙂 x