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I SEE blogs everywhere getting hundreds and thousands (possibly millions) of ‘likes’ which is astounding.

Sometimes I come to envy it, as I would love to have a life where I do nothing but blog, solely because it is such a massive hobby, of mine.

But as soon as reality comes crashing down, I suddenly realise I never actually intended to set up a blog to get so many ‘likes’ – I set it up, originally, just for me.

Many sites out there, which I tend to overview, mainly focus on fashion or beauty products. This appears to be the most interesting niche. Now don’t get me wrong, my blog also features the odd post like this, too. However, when I became intrigued to set up my own page, I wanted to take a whole new spin on it and do something different and unique.

For many years, in fact for as long as I can remember, I have built up a diaries of events, so that I can look back on them in years to come, to retain memories from the past. So, when I eventually got round to creating my very own blog, I thought this is the perfect place for me to share my memories. But this time, not just with myself, but with other people too.


The odd like which I get does make me feel overwhelmed. To think people are actually taking the time to read my posts is touching, and even more importantly, actually enjoying them too.

Seeing pages with many ‘likes’ does make me look up to them… Get hints and tips, (such as appearance, and writing skills, etc…)

Basically, all I’m trying to state is that, although ‘likes’ on a blog kind of tell you whether it is worth a read or not, I don’t get dis-heartened by it all. Because, at the end of the day, this online publication is just a bulk of memories for me.