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LATELY, I have been feeling quite tired and run down, even though I always go to bed at a reasonable time. At first, I assumed it was just because of work. I mean sitting down for 10 hours on end, per day, is not easy. But then suddenly, my body began to crave goodness. I was imagining bowls of juicy fruit, fresh smoothies and salad dishes.

At Christmas time, I treat Yargs to a smoothie maker, which I purchased for an absolute bargain in Debenhams sale – I managed to get about £20 off the original marked price, so I was buzzing! Ever since we moved in to our flat together, he’d been wanting one, as he was a big fan of making home made smoothies when he lived with his parents.

Food shopping, just under a week ago, meant buying lots of goodness – from apples, to kiwi, to strawberries, and more… We stocked up in a hope to gain a healthier lifestyle.


Waking up on a morning, we have now started to mix a variety of fruits together to make healthy fruit juices.

The first time I tried out our smoothie make, I thought let’s be a little adventurous and mix a whole combination together. So I did just that. It contained… an apple, a few strawberries and grapes, a banana, an orange and a kiwi. These were mixed together with a few blocks of ice cubes in order to make it extra cool and refreshing. The maker spun loudly as the fruits crushed together and mixed in to one healthy mush.


Poured in to a fresh glass, the taste of the smoothie was so mouth-watering and refreshing – it tasted unreal!

Treating myself to one of these each morning, for the last week, has made me feel so much more energetic within myself, and also very fresh. It feels great to boost myself with healthy goodness each morning.