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Describe your blog in five words…

Oh that’s tough, ermmm… A diary of lifetime events? Would that work?

What inspired you to start blogging?

Ever since I was a young girl, I have had a passion for writing. My dream was to one day become a magazine writer, in New York City (big dream, huh)? Therefore, setting up my own blog seemed like the perfect place for me to write about… literally anything!

When did you start blogging?

Originally, I started blogging in 2014 on an older blog which has now been deleted, as it was rubbish, ha! This one then came in to place of the old one and I love nothing more than updating it in my free time.

Describe the name of your blog…

The name of my blog… hmm… well, one day, I remember being online and spotted this really cool blog labelled with a very unusual, yet awesome name. I envied it. Looking at the name of mine, reality quickly sunk in when I realised this is a terrible name! So I began to rattle my brain and Google synonyms for really cool words – in the end, it bundled together as this: unravel a pretty puzzle.

What’s your favourite post?

WOW, that’s hard, as they’re all filled with so many unforgettable memories… I couldn’t possibly choose, sorry guys!

Give examples of your favourite blog sites…

My all time favourite has to be my best friend’s blog…

www.carolannedavies.wordpress.com – please share some love and check it out!


I also love keeping up to date Michelle Keegan‘s blog too.


Also, a few of my fellow North East bloggers catch my eye too, such as…



You’re holding a bloggers event, and you can invite three celebrities over, who would you choose? 

Oh em gee… Top of the list has to be Ant & Dec (I can class that as one celebrity surely, can’t I)?

Next up would be Amanda Seyfried (my all time favourite actress).

Then finally, I’d have to choose a bit of eye candy… Mr Channing Tatum.


So there you have it guys, a bit of behind the scenes gossip for unravel a pretty puzzle! I hope you all enjoyed 🙂