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I HAVE been going a little crazy on buying treats for myself lately guys. Do you remember a little while ago when I was complaining to you all that I hadn’t been on a shopping spree for a while… Well, that I must say, has now changed!

I have recently became totally obsessed with Primark.

Browsing through the rails of H&M, I decided to go ahead and buy a collection of new tops a few days back, which I instantly fell in love with. But then, almost an hour later, when I walked in to Primark, I spotted an extremely similar top to a one I had just bought for half the price… I just had to get it too.

As well as being attracted to numerous tops, I also treat myself to some new jeans – something I have been dying for, for a long time now. My skinny jeans were starting to go baggy on the knees, after sitting down, and that is one thing I definitely hate!

To finish off my look, I also bought myself a couple of pairs of shoes – two lovely dolly pairs, once again from Primark, just in time for the summer. They’re exactly the same shoe, ha, just one pair is black, which can be worn with anything, and the other is blue, which could help to brighten outfits up.


Finished off with a golden trim, these shoes are the perfect finish to skinny jeans.


And, here, just for you guys, is a sneak peak of my new buys…


I fell in love with this, immediately


A nice, striped, tight trimmed top, with open shoulders – 20% off in Dorothy Perkins


Casual wear or smart wear – I personally feel, this attire is perfect for both


A plain and simple black top, cut open at the back


My all-time favourite new white top. Once again, it is the perfect piece for casual wear, as well as smart. It would go lovely, with a tight pair of super skinny jeans, along with heels, to enjoy a nice, evening meal.