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JUST passing Middlesbrough, on the motorway, me and Yargs are currently on route to London, for the Easter weekend.


We’ll be spending the weekend at his elder brothers, along with his *huge* family!

All of the way from Holland, his sister, will be joining us too.

I’m very excited right now, as I love a road trip, as well as visiting my favourite city. But, I’m also feeling super nervous, ha! I’ve met his family before, last year in fact, when we celebrated his brothers wedding. But, this weekend I have to spend 24/7 with them, which means showering and everything at theirs, ha!

I love spending time with his family, I get to learn more about Afghan traditions which is extremely interesting. This weekend, I’ll probably be tested to try several Afghan dishes too, which excites me. When I was younger, I usedΒ to hate trying new foods – I used to stick to the basics, like waffles, cheese and tomato pizza and beans! But the older I’m getting, the more intrigued I am to taste more things.

Right now, I am feeling super hungry, as there was no time for any breakfast, it was one mad rush, as I was too tired to move from my snug, warm bed! I can’t wait to make our stop at the service station, and grab a Burger King… Yum!

The sun is shining, which is great! What better weather to spend three days off work with.

Enjoy your Easter weekend guys! X