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I AM super happy to finally announce that my driving lessons, with Pass n Go, are eventually coming to an end… The finish line is almost in sight. Well, guaranteed that I pass my test, of course!

Almost one year after passing my theory test, I thought I would never reach the end of an emotional roller coaster journey.

My confidence was knocked massively, last July when I was involved in an incident, on approaching a roundabout – now, I’m not going to bore you all with in depth details as to what happened, but what I must say, is that it was a very scary experience!

With my confidence knocked, I have been learning to drive for a lot longer than originally anticipated.

For months, my parents and Yargs pushed me to change instructors, as I didn’t feel too comfortable with my previous one.

So, as soon as 2016 kicked in, I knew it was finally time to change!

In January I made a quick call to the driving company, in order to arrange a new driving instructor – within about a week, I was assigned to someone new, and without a doubt, it was the best decision I could have ever made. I just wish I’d listened to everyone around me, and actually changed sooner.

Since stepping foot in to the new Honda, at the end of January, I have enjoyed every single minute of my lessons. I even get myself super excited for the upcoming one, too. My instructor, now, is absolutely lovely, which is a bonus! She is so calm, talkative and always makes me laugh. We could talk endlessly about food, ha! There is certainly no better feeling than learning to drive with someone who you feel 100% confident with!

Now, a couple of weeks ago, when my new instructor mentioned the word ‘test’ to me, for the first time, my entire body beamed with excitement! I listened intensely.

I need a car, in time for the summer, I thought!

I want to go on so many road trips with Yargs – already my mind was planning the summer,with a car in mind!

After, we discussed the test in depth, I picked up the phone and made that long awaited call to Pass n Go, just over a week ago… ‘Hi, my name is Kayleigh. I am just calling to book my driving test in, if that would be possible please?’

£69 down… I couldn’t possibly imagine spending my money on anything better.

Although, it is now all booked, and a date is set, I have decided to keep all of the details a secret, including the date… As I’d like to surprise people once I pass.

Right now, it is time to just cram in as many lessons as I possibly can, before the big day, in order to get myself fully prepared.

I’m so excited guys!!