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EVERY evening I spend a good ten minutes, at least, searching through my wardrobe to try and find an outfit to wear for the following day – it is a nightmare! And it probably doesn’t help that I am so indecisive.


A wardrobe full of clothes, but… ‘Nothing to wear’

I have told myself for months that I need to go on a massive shopping spree and treat myself, however, this still hasn’t happened.

Living on your own makes it difficult to treat yourself, if I’m honest. You’re money tends to go no further than bills, food and essentials (such as: toiletries) – which equally, are definitely not the most exciting things to buy, in the world, ha!

When it comes to going to work, I do have a good collection of smart items which is a bonus, but weekends at work are a massive pain, as it’s casual wear, (or dress down, as they like to call it) – potentially meaning I can wear anything from jeans to leggins.

For most people, who I work with, weekends are the best for comfort. However, I am the opposite. Give me the chance to wear business attire everyday and I’d be happy… Or even having a uniform would make it massively easier,Β I think.

I’m even sat here right now, rattling my brain, thinking what can I wear tomorrow…

Talk about last minute plans, and all that jazz as well… In a couple of weeks time me and Yargs are off to London for the weekend to spend some time with his family, and I am already debating what to throw in to my suitcase.

I think next month, it’s time to put me first and treat myself to a little shopping spree – without a doubt, it is very much needed. Even a few Primark goods will smack a smile on my face.