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THERE is no better feeling than heading home, after a long day at work, and throwing on the comfiest clothes ever!

Lately, I am a huge fan of chilling in front of the TV in my lounge pants, (quite lazy, I know, ha). With our sofa pulled out in to a double bed, I could sit happily for hours on end – eating, chilling and blogging. What better way to spend our free time?

With winter slowly coming to an end, I am going to miss feeling comfy as ever, in my warm throw overs. So just before we finally say goodbye to winter, as the summer begins to approach, I thought I’d share with you guys a sneak peak of my favourite cosy attire.


A gift from my parents at Christmas time, this grey set was purchased from Sainsburys – a great pair to chill in, and even pop to the shops in, to purchase a few goodies (y’know sweets, crisps, chocolate… Ha).


Next up, my all-time favourite Disney fleecy – this is unbelievably comfy and so warm too. This set was beautifully gift wrapped and purchased from Primark for just ยฃ10… Bargain!


This cute set are the exact same material as my Disney ones, so once again… Mega comfy!


Ah my favourite bed socks, gifted from my best friend, Ellie. These keep my feet super warm and I love the cute design… 101 Dalmationsย