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JUST over a week ago, I received a particular phone call, a one which I have been waiting for, since the start of 2016 – a call inviting me to a job interview. My entire body beamed with excitement! I am determined to follow a new career path, and gain new skills.

Sitting at work, I felt my phone vibrate against my leg, whilst it was packed in my bag, just by the side of me. I’m always intrigued to find out who it is, so I quickly popped to the toilet. Here, I discovered a voice mail, inviting me to a job interview at the Roker Hotel.

I couldn’t believe it – I feel like I have waited forever, for this moment.

I dialled the ‘call’ button to find out more information…

“Hi Kayleigh, I know it is such short notice, but I would like to invite you to attend a job interview tomorrow morning, if you’re free, in regards to a job you applied for on Indeed”, said the woman at the end of the phone.

I was in so much shock, and also felt astounded with excitement.

My immediate response, was of course: “Yes, of course, I would love to!”


As soon as the call ended, I thought ‘oh no’… I’m stuck in work until 8pm today, I have no idea what to wear, I’ve applied for so many jobs; therefore, I need to research the company and the role itself. I was in for a long night!

The following morning, my alarm sounded, bright and early. I instantly arose from my bed, praying that something good would come from today. ‘Please, please, please’.

I called a taxi, just after 9am, as soon as I was dressed smartly, all ready to go.

I decided to wear ‘my lucky dress’ – a red and black checked design, purchased from New Look, attired with my black blazer which sparkled with a couple of gold zips, bought from River Island (as a treat from my Yargs). Legs not on show, I wore some black tights, finished off with my smooth, shining black shoes.


I arrived at the Roker Hotel entrance, around 9.20am, ten minutes prior to my interview slot – good timing!

I was seated at the entrance, on a huge comfy sofa which hugged me in tightly.

Whilst waiting, I read up on a few notes which I managed to make the night before – preparing myself with what to say, and how to come across.

Shortly after, I was greeted by a slim, middle aged man, dressed extremely smart, in his suit and tie, along with his young female assistant, also dressed unbelievably smart. Their greeting was extremely friendly, and it instantly made me feel at ease. I shook both of their hands, and they led me to a quiet booth, in ‘Let There Be Crumbs‘.

The day of the interview, I was full of cold (so bunged up), but prior to the questions, I politely made them aware. (Ha, it was a nightmare)!

The interview didn’t really entail being asked many questions, but when I came out of the interview, I came to the conclusion that this may be because, for the first time ever, I did most of the talking. I explained certain features of my CV and also explained the exact type of person I am, in depth. I just wanted to fire everything out there, put it all on the table, so that they understood the exact type of character in which I am.

I received an extremely good and positive vibe from both of the interviewers, which made me feel great!

Unexpectedly, the interviewee then asked how much wage I earn an hour, at the moment. His face kind of dropped once I answered.

He then began to explain the role in depth, and it sounded like the most perfect job in the world, exactly what I want and most importantly, exactly what I am looking and hoping for. He even said: ‘Not one day will be the same, as the previous’. That to me, is my dream. I want to explore new activities and focus on new things each and every single day, in order to be faced with new challenges and develop new skills.

But then, the negative features came out… It is only a part-time role (25 hours max., per week). My feelings sunk, right to the bottom of my body. I was gutted!

I can’t afford part-time work, as I now have a flat and bills to worry about.

The guy instantly knew, that this role wasn’t suitable for me, as he explained ‘I don’t want you to take on this opportunity, and then feel disappointed when we can’t offer you the hours that you’re on now’. I totally understood where he was coming from and I envied his honesty.

The interview finished off with: ‘You’re a fab girl Kayleigh, and I can see that you are the type of person who will never give up until she gets what she wants’.

I was absolutely over the moon with that response, and felt ecstatic.

Even though, the first interview of the year didn’t turn out exactly what I’d hoped for, the interview gave me a positive vibe, and made me go away and fight for exactly what I am looking for with sheer passion and determination.

Now, I bet you’re all thinking… What was the job interview for? What was the role?

Well, it was to become an Events Co-ordinator.

I just have that fight, and that drive in me now (which is what I have been looking for), in order to never give up on trying to achieve the best!

Now here’s to applying for more jobs…