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I HAVE been staring at this blank screen for a good few days now, trying to come up with this amazing new blog idea, but my mind is totally blank. There is nothing there.

Personally, my blog is more like a diary for me – I share my best memories, so that I can look back on them in years to come. I also love sharing each and every moment with you guys too! There is something about blogging which makes me feel good, something I can put my mind too when times get tough, in order to ease away the pain.

Looking back on the past, I miss University a lot. I miss working hard to achieve something, successful. I miss researching interesting features, in order to widen my knowledge.

So lately, my mind has been doing overtime – What can I do differently? What can I do to make my blog stand out? What do people enjoy reading?

Normally, my mind sparks with new ideas, but most recently, nothing is springing to mind. This is painful, as I am empowered to write an incredible piece.

Although, no ideas have sprung to mind just yet… I do have one small idea…

So, this weekend is my weekend off work, and I am so happy because after working five days in a row, I feel totally worn out!

I am preparing myself for an extra busy weekend, this week, just with it being Mother’s Day and everything. But don’t worry guys, I will not neglect you all, as I am planning a surprise for you guys… One day soon, I am going to be stepping on to the Metro, in order to give you guys a tour of Newcastle.

Have you ever been to Newcastle before?

If not, then I can tell you, it is a great city, filled with many iconic features.

On my journey to there, I will be snapping lots of pictures, in order to create a viral photo album, in order to show all of you lovely bunch, so make sure you all keep posted!

Enjoy your weekend guys x