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ALREADY, we are two months down of 2016, and I can not believe how quick it has gone. Hello March…

So, this year I have decided to post, at the end of each and every month, a review… In order to create my own journal full of memories, to look back on with sheer smiles and happiness.

First stop this month, was a lovely trip to the Metro Centre with my mum – quality mum and daughter time (nothing better). We spent the entire afternoon shopping, in high street brand names, and we also took a little break, and enjoyed a refreshing snack from Starbucks, whilst chatting away. To top off the day, my mum kindly treat me to a few new, fashionable items, from Primark too. I was so grateful, as it was such an unexpected treat.

This month I enjoyed a few days break from work – I was lucky enough to get five rotad days off in a row.

So one day, I got up and decided to head to my parents house for the day, in order to catch up with my Dad. We headed to my nana and grandad’s for a little, on the afternoon (to catch up and see how they’re doing). Whilst there, we discussed heading out for dinner. A little later, we were all sat in the Oak Tree Farm together, awaiting on our food. My tummy began to churn and growl as starvation sprung instantly upon me. I decided to go for my favourite thing at the moment – a warm tuna panini, served with chunky fries, a nice refreshing salad, and washed down with an ice cold glass of Pepsi – I needed that fizzy drink. The food was delicious, and the portion was massive. I was so stuffed afterwards!

Next up, it was time for the most loved up day of the year – Valentine’s Day. I laid out a couple of gifts for Yargs on our living room table, so he could wake up to them. I dressed his gifts with cut-out coloured love hearts, to add a little romance.

I headed to work for 10am, and unfortunately spent six hours there, that day. On arriving home, Yargs said to me: ‘Kayles, you have an hour to get dressed, the taxi is picking us up at 6pm’. I was puzzled, and asked where we were going, but Yargs wanted to keep it a secret… for the first time ever. (He is rubbish at keeping secrets, normally, HA). All dressed, and ready to go, after asking Yargs what to wear, we were sat in the taxi, with still no clue on where we were heading.

About 15 minutes later, the taxi pulled up at our favourite Italian restaurant (Marina Vista), and our close friends, Matt and Courtney, were sat patiently awaiting for us outside, too. Double date. We headed up to the top floor, where our table awaited us, right next to the window, so that we could enjoy the harbour view. The meal was absolutely delicious, and I was so happy. It’s been a while since me and Yargs have enjoyed a nice restaurant meal together, as we’re both so busy lately.

Afterwards, we decided to head back to ours, accompanied still, by Matt and Courtney, to enjoy a few alcoholic refreshments. Shots later, I was feeling super drunk, but also mega happy! It was a fab night!

After months of learning to drive, and still feeling just as low in confidence, and no further forward, I decided it was finally time to change my driving instructor, and undoubtedly, it was the best decision I have made this month. My new instructor is unbelievably supportive, and talks me through absolutely everything. So as well as learning, I am also surrounded by amazing company. Hopefully, this time round, it won’t take too long, to get to test standard.

For the first time in ages, this month, me and Yargs hit the cinema with two of our friends, in order to watch the latest Marvel movie – Deadpool, and without a doubt, it was surprisingly… amazing! (Those type of movies are not usually my scene, ha). But, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Finally, I decided it was time to start hitting the gym again – I need to get fit, and healthy, and in shape, I finally told myself. So I headed online, to rejoin Pure Gym. The gym for me, is an amazing way to feel refreshed and certainly feel good about myself.

Also, in February, I received my very first job interview, this year! The job advertised was an Events Coordinator, and although the job description sounded perfect, I’m afraid it wasn’t the role for me, as it was limited to only 25 hours per week (part-time). Overall though, I was extremely happy to finally get an interview, and the interviewee also gave me some fab feedback – so positive and enlightening.

Now here’s to March guys… Have fun!! X

(Images to follow…)