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YESTERDAY, me and Yargs hit the gym, for the first time this year… and it felt amazing!

Towards the end of last week, I was feeling very unwell – I was suffering from severe headaches, a terrible sore throat, sickness and weakness (not a good combo at all)! So after a couple of days rest, with my feet up… I decided some drastic changes need to be made, in a hope to fight off these viruses, in the future.

We hit the gym together yesterday afternoon, and the entire session made me feel so refreshed and upbeat about myself.

Here I’ll take you in to my gym photo shoot…


All wrapped up and ready to go…


We arrived at Pure Gym, at 4.30pm


First stop – the treadmill. Here, I burnt 200 calories, by starting with a slow paced walk, which gradually got faster and faster


200 calories = BURNT


Strike a fitness pose… HA


The gym left me feeling a million times better – so refreshing

After hitting the gym, we then took a stroll around Tesco, and ended up spending almost £30 on a whole load of healthy goodness.


All stocked up on fruit, ready to enjoy a lovely fruit salad, drizzled in fresh orange juice