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IT WAS a freezing cold night and my mind was doing overtime – I had to get out, go somewhere and feel that cold Northern air brush against me.

So, I stepped on the Metro and decided to head to the beach.

After a nice, short shift at work, I headed home – Yargs was getting ready for a night out (with his work friends), and my head was pounding. At first, I thought this is the perfect time to just chill out on my own – catch up on my favourite soaps, and even apply for a few more jobs. But as soon as I stepped foot in to our warm home, I couldn’t be bothered to do anything!

A few hours passed and I suddenly began to burst with energy (literally out of nowhere)! Shall I go to the gym, I thought!?

I turned to Yargs and said I had the urge to do something – he thought I was crazy. At this point, it was pitch black outside, as night time had fallen. It was also freezing cold (as low as 3 degrees, I think it was), and every now and then, rain droplets pounded off our living room window.

I wrapped up nice and warm – layers upon layers, finished off with my scarf and gloves.

7.12pm – that’s when the Metro was due.

Yargs tried to talk me out of going out, as he was a little worried – his caring was so sweet! But I just needed to do this for myself, I needed time alone, time to feel a breath of fresh air.

With my headphones in, I blasted my favourite tunes as I walked alone.

Earlier that day, I caught a story on the Sunderland Echo, in regards to the danger of the North Sea due to extreme weather conditions.Β As a Journalism Graduate, I wanted to see this, for myself, to gather an image in my mind, in to the fascinating life of nature.

The closer I got to the beach, I suddenly began to feel this vicious spray, fromΒ the waves which were crashing against the pier… WOW! The wind blew hard against me, forcing me to put a lot more pressure on to my body weight, to keep me up. As I stood looking in to the distance, I could see the odd car passing by with beaming headlights on whilst waves rose feet high, and just missed the tip of their cars.

I walked along the path looking out in awe. In the distance, a ship sailed along – I couldn’t begin to imagine how scary that must’ve felt, considering how rough the seas were!

No one was about – it was like a scene from a movie! I don’t think I have ever, in my life, saw the sea that rough – it was truly amazing (although a little scary).

I was out for just over an hour, and had the most calming, and refreshing time – time to myself, time to think…