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WITH my pick and mix at the ready, along with an ice cold, refreshing can of full fat coke (which I know I shouldn’t drink, as it is way too sugary), I am now settled in front of the TV, about to catch up on last night’s: ‘Sam Faiers Baby Diaries’.

Today, I have spent quite a bit of time on Twitter, so I’ve been addressed with many mixed emotions from last nights show. One viewer said: “Can’t believe how broody I am right now watching Sam Faiers Baby Dairies”, along with many more slating off her fairly new boyfriend, property developer, Paul: “Watching Sam Faiers, the baby diaries, and her boyfriend is coming across very arrogant”.

So, now it’s my chance to get my very own, personal opinion across…

Okay, so right now I’m about to ‘access all areas’, according to the documentary’s narrator, in order to discover Sam’s journey in to motherhood – I am very excited!

No one disrupt me for the next 90 minutes please, HA!

Ah little snippet showing Ferne McCann just happened right there – I have became a massive fan of her since watching her grow, as a person, on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Just four months in to her new relationship, Sam fell pregnant – WOW! Now, some people may see this as a step too early, especially me. Sam even said: ‘I’m still learning things about him and he is still learning things about me’ (referring to Paul). But, on the other hand, he seemed to disagree by stating, ‘I don’t think it is too much too soon’.

Debatable moment alert… Paul wants her to give birth at home, but Sam is not too keen on the idea. In this debate, her sister (Billie) seems to be supporting her side. I suppose in a way, giving birth to your very first child would be nice at home, because then at least you are in your own comforts and surroundings. But maybe it would be a safer, and more secure option to give birth in the hospital – especially with it being your first child.

Now, I am not a Mum right now, as I am still too young, but one day I’d love to become a parent, and based on that future plan, of course I have my own views and opinions.

Right now, I am only 5 minutes in to the 90 minute show, and already Paul is starting to irritate me a little. His comments are a little arrogant, and he is also a little bossy towards Sam – because she is pregnant, shouldn’t he be making her porridge!? Although, I can understand that after having a quiet, normal life in the past, and then for it to change in to a celebrity whirlwind with photo shoots here and there, it may be a little explosive. But he should be happy to do this for the sake of Sam and his unborn child.

WOW, what an amazing sound that must be – hearing your unborn child inside of you. Also, I wasn’t aware that their heartbeat was slightly faster than ours (interesting tip of the day, ha).

First interval…

Time for the baby shower, and there are a few familiar faces there, including latest Celebrity Big Brother contestant – Gemma Collins.

Aw those little baby grows, with the Angel wings on the back – how cute are those!? My goodness, this guy is getting worse – he is coming across as a little controlling, don’t you think? Because he doesn’t like a piece of baby clothing, he has told her, not asked, told her to take them back! Shame on you, Paul!

Oh WOW, that holiday they shared to The Maldives, looked like heaven – the sights appeared to look incredible, and also so relaxing.

Now for the final baby scan. They have agreed not to find out the sex of the child, so that the birth becomes that little more exciting, for the both of them! Which will it be… A boy, or a girl? Not knowing, would be a lovely surprise.

So I am now one hour in to the show, and Paul hasn’t really shown much love and support towards Sam, and he can’t seem to see that. Hanging around at work, when she needs him surely isn’t fair. During a woman’s pregnancy, you’d think the father would like to be there. After all, it is the start of a life long journey.

Okay so decision time… As we all know, Sam decided to take Paul’s opinion on board and she ultimately decided to have a home birth. What are your thoughts on that?

Hours in to labour, we discovered that Sam was rushed in to hospital – not how she’d expected her first birth to pan out, but it was needed.

Eventually her son arrived – ‘skin on skin just felt amazing’, Sam stated, when she held her new born son, in her arms, for the very first time!

What a beautiful documentary – Sam is such a loving and down to earth girl too! I am glad I spent the last 90 minutes catching up on that (well maybe more, after typing away to make this, for you guys too) 🙂 x