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AFTER a busy day yesterday, visiting my Nana, popping in to town and then finishing off the day with a good ol’ shopping spree, to the Metro Centre, with my Mum, today I have decided to have a nice chilled day. So I’m gonna spend the day in front of the TV, in my fluffy lounge pants, eating lots of crap!

Sounds like the most perfect day!


So I’ve just mentioned that, yesterday, I went on a shopping spree with my Mum. As the weather was rubbish (constant rain, all day) we decided to head indoors – to the Metro Centre – by far my favourite shopping centre, in the North East.

We started the afternoon off with a nice Starbucks treat. Feeling a little peckish, I decided to go for the tuna panini, along with a traditional English tea, to wash it down with. The tuna oozed out of the heated ciabatta and the taste was utterly mouth watering. I topped my tea up with some sugar, along with some semi skimmed milk – I have quite a sweet tooth.


Once our tummies were filled up, we then hit the shops.

My Mum surprised me and said she’d treat me with a little something – it was a very kind gesture. So I thought, let’s head to Primark.

Surprisingly I saw so many fashionable items, which I instantly fell in love with, along with some tanned brown bags.

I was thinking in my mind what I need the most. Suddenly, I thought… Work clothes – not the most exciting thing, but it was definitely something I needed.

So I began to browse the rails, and instantly fell in love with a darkened green top tightened with a gold buckle, on the back of the neck – this would be perfect with a tight black skirt, finished off with some black tights. I showed my Mum, and she agreed: ‘It’s very nice!’ I couldn’t resist it, I had to go for this.

But then, as I approached further in to the shop, my eyes were drawn to another gorgeous item… (not for work, but for my days off), Oh no, which one shall I go for, I thought.

I headed over and began to feel the piece, my Mum asked if I wanted it too – but, I couldn’t say yes, as I’d already chosen one thing… Suddenly, she said choose a few things and I’ll treat you. I was overwhelmed and also, very grateful.

My second purchase was a green and black patterned blazer – can you tell I am a fan of green lately!? I love it!! Not to smart, and not too casual, this item would be suitable for any occasion – work or not. Dressed with a pair of skinny jeans, as well as a tight black top underneath, this purchase was perfect!

After, I headed to the cardigan rail and decided to choose a simple black cardigan which I could put over my work dresses, in order to keep that little bit warmer.

Finally, we headed to the shoe rack, and I was drawn to a suede, laced pair of tanned brown shoes… Oh em gee, these are definitely me! I had to get them.



So after a mix of things, suitable for work or casual attire… I was so happy!!

All round, it was great to spend some quality time with my Mum, and also get some new fashionable attire.