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TODAY has been such a draining day – job hunting!

This has to be one of the most hardest tasks ever!

From getting up this morning, I did my usual chores – washing and cleaning up a little, but then I decided let’s have a chilled day in front of the TV, watching lots of movies. At the time, this idea sounded perfect… But then the happiness suddenly disappeared when my mind started ticking away, and doing overtime – I NEED A NEW JOB, I thought.

So I pulled out my laptop, and began searching.

I have been sat here since about 12pm, searching on job site, after job site – from Indeed, to Total Jobs, to CV-Library, and many more, to find the perfect job for me.

All in all, I have applied for six jobs only.


Although I am in a succeeding job at the moment, with a fab pay to keep our flat running, I feel like I need a change. I want to explore new skills and gain new opportunities, which aren’t going to be discovered in the same work force. But mainly, I want to make the most of my degree. After all, I spent three whole years of my life studying at University, for a degree I felt passionate in, and it would be a shame to see if go to waste.

Alongside job searching, I have also been making some key notes in my journal, for when my lucky day, of gaining an interview, finally arrives!


From the moment 2016 officially kicked in, I have spent quality time updating my CV, gathering notes and also applying for job, after job, after job.

To this day, I have not received one interview!

A few emails to say that my application was unfortunately unsuccessful, but that’s it.

Although, it is one of the most draining things in the world, I am going to keep on fighting – no matter how long it takes – until I find the most perfect job for me (ideally, this would be a content writer).