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TONIGHT is the final night of Celebrity Big Brother 2016, and I am feeling super excited to see who will be crowned the winner!

From day one, I have recorded each and every one of the shows and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching it – it’s been TV gold!

Although, at times, I was feeling so frustrated with Steph and Jez’s actions, and at times I felt like throwing my remote in the air, without a single doubt, it has been a great series!

I am totally inspired by Emma Willis, and I absolutely love her style. Heavily pregnant, and she still manages to make herself look amazing. I have followed her style and fashion fixtures, for quite a while now – I am a huge fan of hers, so I am definitely glad that she presents this show.

Tiffany’s outbursts, as well as Megan’s tantrum left me in fits of laughter this year, with thoughts spiralling through my mind, like ‘WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!?’

Throughout the whole series, I have been totally overwhelmed by the inspiration presented by Darren Day, as well as, Danniella Westbrook. From spending years at rock bottom, Big Brother has definitely allowed them to turn their lives around for the best. It just goes to show, even when you’re at the lowest points of life, you can, hopefully,Β always find a way out, so you can pick yourself back up again.

John – well what can I say, he has certainly enjoyed stirring the pot, hasn’t he?

I remember towards the beginning, I was a huge fan of American boy Jonathon, but I was totally gutted when he decided to walk. I genuinely believe he could’ve been a great asset to the team, and also bring some laughs, as well as arguments, which makes great TV.

With the final night, just hours away, I am getting very excited – it may sound sad to some of you, ha, but it is literally making my Friday night.

Tonight, I would like to see Scotty T win, as he hasn’t caused a single bit of bother throughout the show, he’s just been a genuinely nice and down to earth guy… who told Steph exactly how it was, go on!

What’s your opinion guys?

Who do you think is going to be crowned CBB 2016 winner?