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So that is the first month of 2016 almost over and already, I have made some unforgettable memories. I am so excited with what this year has to hold, as me and Yargs have already got quite a few plans lined up… Including his second older brother’s wedding, in London again (WOO), and I also have quite a few goals of my own, which I hope to succeed.

Firstly, I saw the New Year through with the best person and two of our amazing friends… You can actually find out all of the gossip from that night, right here!


A week or so in to the New Year my parents dropped me a call and invited me and Yargs on a day out with them. We immediately agreed. It was a Sunday afternoon, the air was cool so I wrapped up warm. We headed towards our caravan on a leisurely drive. Me and Yargs sat chilled out in the back of the car, chatting away to my parents, whilst listening to Heart radio softly playing in the background.

My parents treat us to a delicious Sunday dinner. After checking on the caravan, we drove to a posh and intriguing hotel which was surrounded by the picturesque countryside (which I can’t remember the name of…oops).

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We then drove a little further afield to Blanchland after, where we each enjoyed a nice hot drink, to warm us up, followed by a sweet (a scrumptious shortbread biscuit – that I dipped in a pot of tea – the biscuit just melted on the end of my tongue).

Over the road, we then headed in to the local church, where we discovered the history of this small village. I also decided to light a candle in memory of my Nanna Mary who sadly passed away when I was younger.


All in all, this was such a lovely day and the perfect treat from my parents.

On January 13th, we had our first official house party, in order to celebrate Yargs’ 27th birthday. We decorated the flat with banners and balloons and invited our closest friends, as well as my sister, and Yargs youngest brother. The flat started to fill up from around 7pm. We enjoyed numerous drinks with everyone, and we also played a game of drinking jenga which was so much fun! Music blasted throughout the night in the background, and people began to throw out their dance moves, as more alcohol was consumed. It was so great to catch up with friends and have an amazing night together.

Waking up the next morning wasn’t as fun though ha, as there was so much cleaning to do!

Next up was my trip to London with my parents and Kirst to attend the National Television Awards – what an amazing trip this was. Even now when I think about it and sit at home watching Hollyoaks, it still seems so surreal to think I was actually in the same room as them. As well as Ant and Dec (my childhood favourites). But, I’ll not go on too much about that, because you can also read all about it right here… So check it out!

Finally, last night I hit the town with my best friend and Yargs to celebrate Carolanne’s 23rd birthday. It’s been two whole years since me and Carolanne got to celebrate a night out together. A few weeks ago, I invited her over mine so we could celebrate together. So first off we chatted for hours catching up, as I haven’t been able to see her since before Christmas (which is way too long), whilst enjoying a mix of drinks, including vodka, Jack Daniels’, cocktails and more.

As it began to approach 11pm, we decided to ring a taxi and head out. The energy and excitement which was filling Sunderland last night, was immense. It made the night so much fun. We bought a few rounds of drinks at the bar and danced the night away with beaming flashing lights and loud, banging music.

It was so much fun! My friend from work also decided to come along too, but she was way too drunk, ha!

To finish off we headed to the take away shop, as me and Yargs alone had been starving since about 7pm ha! While I enjoyed an unreal tomato garlic bread, Yargs went for a juicy kebab with chips and garlic.

Waking up this morning was easier than I thought actually, I wasn’t feeling at all hungover and even woke up before my alarm!

All that’s left for me to say is… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST FRIEND… CAROLANNE 🙂